Editors’ Note

The universe is hierarchically organized, a network of interconnected systems at different time and length scales, and represents a manifestation of energy, of various kinds and quality.

Any process in the universe is accompanied with energy transformation. In any energy transformation, many joules of available energy of one kind (Required Input=RI) are required to produce a unit of energy in another kind (Desired Output=DO). The energy generated in this process by the work of transformation constitutes a higher level (quality) in the series of transformations (energy transformation chain). Higher levels of energy feed back to interact, and control, the contributing energy flows. The output of one energy transformation contributes and converges to produce an even smaller output at the next higher level in an energy transformation chain.

These paragraphs are a short summary of the background of the ”Environmental Accounting: Energy and Environmental Decision Making” by H. T. Odum.

The mission of the Contemporary Energy Solutions Journals by Termogamma is to help, as many people as possible, to understand the variety of energy forms that supports our everyday life on Earth, to get acquainted with the energy quality, and the processes of energy transformation at various time and space scales, as well as with energy efficiency (the ratio of DO to RI) and energy transformity.