Contemporary Energy Solutions Journal is open access and peer-review journal for articles in all areas related to energy generation and utilization, energy efficiency, energy savings, and energy systems. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts with significant importance. Authors are encouraged to submit their contributions as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at:

Free Article:

Contemporary Energy Solutions Journal is promoted and supported by Termogamma Group. Authors are not required to pay any fee for processing and publishing their articles.

Submission of an Article:

In order to reduce delays, authors should adhere to the format and length of CESJ at every stage of processing right from manuscript submission to each revision stage. Submitted articles should have max 250 words abstract, separate from the main text. The summary should provide a brief account of the work by clearly stating the purpose of the study and the methodology adopted, highlighting major findings briefly.

Type of Articles:

Authors can submit manuscripts in the following format:

  1. Original research on applied science technologies;
  2. Review articles, or conference-papers providing a comprehensive review on a scientific / research topic;
  3. Fast Communications: Short, self-contained articles on ongoing research;
  4. Technical Notes;
  5. Case study / Case history on specific application or technologies.

Guidelines to Contributors:

  1. All manuscript should be submitted as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at:
  2. All manuscripts must be the author(s) original, unpublished work and must not be under - consideration for publication elsewhere;
  3. Each manuscript must include an abstract 100-250 words and a list of 3-to-5 appropriate keywords. Articles above 10 pages will not qualify for publication;
  4. Authors should submit proof readied and revised article;
  5. Once the paper is accepted, the author(s) must send the completely filled in copyright form for the respective paper to the journal. If any copyrighted material is used by the author, the author must take permission for the same from the editor of the respective journal.

Peer review policy:

All submitted articles will be reviewed by two independent reviewers. Articles will be accepted depending on the reviewer’s positive comment and editor’s discretion.

Submission format:

Number all sheets in succession, including references, tables, and figure legends. Title page is page 1. On the first page, type the running head (short title for top of each page), title (which cannot include any acronyms), names of the authors, their degrees and professional position, address for correspondence and reprint requests, and corresponding author's telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address.


Contemporary Energy Solutions Journal follows the most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (currently, the sixteenth edition). Please consult the Chicago Manual for any specific questions.

Tables and Equations as Graphics:

Preferably equations should be provided in MathType format. If equations cannot be encoded in MathType, submit them in TIFF or EPS format as discrete files (i.e., a file containing only the data for one equation).


The preferred file formats for photographic images are .doc, TIFF and JPEG. If you have created images with separate components on different layers, please send us the Photoshop files.

  1. Line drawings (e.g. diagrams, maps) should be supplied on clear white paper, with lines and/or hatchings drawn in black ink. Never use a pencil or colored ink.
    Photographs can be submitted as electronic files, slides or glossy prints.
  2. All photographs should be clearly cross-referenced to the List of Illustrations (see below) by a number written on each slide frame, or a number written on the back of each print. Indicate horizontal or vertical orientation, and when necessary, crops, enlargement of details, etc. Info should be indicated on a photocopy accompanying the original.
  3. When supplied as electronic files, line drawings should have a minimum resolution of 1200 dpi [dots per inch]. Photographs should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The file format should be .TIF(F), .JPG or .EPS; a printout should always be supplied.
  4. Include a list of captions to illustrations, diagrams, maps etc. Numbers should indicate clearly to which photograph each caption belongs. Credit lines and
    permissions should be included in the captions.

Foreign languages:

Contemporary Energy Solutions is not responsible for editing or proofreading texts written in languages other than English. It is the author or editor’s responsibility to make certain that these texts are correct.

Copyediting and proofreading are performed in order to make the manuscript’s language correct, but do not focus on stylistic matters. All stylistic editing should be done before submission of the manuscript to copyediting or proofreading.


All authors publishing their valuable work in Contemporary Energy Solutions should agree with the open access policy of the Journal ( and submit the filled in copyright form in due time.