About CESJ

Contemporary Energy Solutions Journal (CESJ) is an open access interdisciplinary journal which covers wide-ranging topics related to energy generation and utilization, energy efficiency, energy savings, and energy systems in various industrial sectors and large commercial facilities. In particular, it is focused on the study of best practices and experiences of scholars, energy auditors, engineers and companies linking theories and applied projects. The Journal is published 3 times per year – January, May and September.

The main topics of Contemporary Energy Solutions Journal  embrace energy efficiency policies at all levels of governance; specific analysis of energy efficiency performance, measures, and impacts; case studies and case histories related to specific installed systems; energy management systems and energy services; energy planning; energy business and energy markets; risk assessment; energy behavior; new technologies, IT applications and new smart systems.

Contemporary Energy Solutions Journal editors welcome new article that contributes to our knowledge of energy efficiency and that offers valuable implications for energy saving and energy performance towards a more and more sustainable energy society. Editors will consider clearly written, broadly applicable and accessible analysis that contain an innovative element, issue, method, best practice or result that inspire progress in actual energy efficiency and energy savings.